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Conversation Strategies

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Conversation Strategies Development Program

Our programs are research-based, results-driven,
and people friendly

Duration: 9 sessions plus follow-up contact

Organisational Conversation

Despite the fact that everyone in an organisation engages in conversation everyday, many of those conversations do not contribute to organisational performance.  Conversations often do not turn out the way we expect - instead they elicit unexpected and unwelcome outcomes, and are often uncomfortable and sometimes confrontational.  Particularly as meetings, conversations are often frustrating, unproductive and do not lead to action.

Purposeful Conversation Strategies

Purposeful conversation is a planned approach that uses conversation strategies, techniques and tactics to achieve defined outcomes or actions.  This program assists participants to understand and use tools such as conversation and topic mapping, plan for and manage reactions and use an appropriate conversation style for the situation. 

Objectives of ‘Conversation Strategies’ program

At the end of the program, your delegates will be able to choose from and utilize a range of group focused and one-to-one conversation tools and strategies.  In meetings they will be able to employ the four stages of deliberation before decision.  They will also understand and be able to use the concept of ‘face’.  Participants will have used the purposeful conversation tools in a range of simulated interactions and will have had the opportunity, with support, to practise conversation strategies in real situations. 

Key topics in ‘Conversation Strategies’ program

  • Agenda complexity and behaviour
  • Conversation and topic mapping
  • Reaction management
  • The concept of ‘FACE’
  • Negotiation language
  • Negotiation tactics

Who will benefit from Conversation Strategies?

Both the organisation and people stand to benefit.  All leaders, managers and supervisors engage in purposeful conversation in order to communicate organisational decisions and directions, to interact with members of staff, and to maintain policies and procedures that support the organisation’s functioning.  Planned conversations that utilize effective communication tools and strategies will directly and positively impact on individual and organisational performance. 

In view of the value of consistency, this development program would be important at all levels in the organisation.  If it is considered as an induction or developmental opportunity for new or newly promoted managers and supervisors, talk to Deltapoint about a program for your senior managers first.

Description of Conversation Strategies program

The development program is a combination of workshops, individual access to resources for further study and phone contact and follow-up.  The program is designed to enhance the power of purposeful conversation throughout your organisation. 

Each part of the program includes private or self-assessment of the participant’s progress to help them make it their own development program – to be reviewed with the facilitator or with the group if they wish.  It is a very personal journey and is treated with all the care such a program deserves.  The program is facilitated by a practising psychologist, assuring total confidentiality and a professional approach

The extra mile

Our aim is to combine sound research and practical experience with application in your organisation to ensure that the learning is transferred to real situations and used by the participants.  Our facilitators will follow up with your delegates at agreed times after particular sessions to support, encourage and measure their skill development and application.

This workshop is available onsite in your organisation or offsite at a venue of your choice.  Typical numbers for this workshop are 5 to 20 delegates.  You choose the date and the venue, and the extra mile times.  We customize the workshop to suit your organisation and agree on performance measures with you.

Research-based:  the program is based on research in communication theory, relevance, and conversation management.

Results-driven:  the focus is on practical application of conversation strategies and tools to support real, purposeful conversations in your organisation.

People-friendly:  conversation is a two-way process.  This program is not a how-to sales pitch but a process of skill building that recognises that purposeful conversation promotes understanding between people.